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We go beyond traditional Investment Management and Wealth Planning to provide individual and corporate clients with a full range of wealth management services.
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The Capta Wealth Offering

From determining your investment time frame to understanding your risk exposure, at CAPTA Wealth we partner with you to help build a personalised wealth management strategy to ensure all your investment objectives are achieved.

With this in mind whether you are a private individual, company or family, the service you receive is personal, professional and tailored to suit your unique financial needs.
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Where there isn't a financial solution that meets your requirements, we'll create one.

Individuals and Families

At CAPTA Wealth we offer a holistic range of services for individuals and families designed to empower them to become financially independent. With our deep-rooted local expertise and global reach, the investment opportunities available for our clients are truly limitless.

Financial Planning And Wealth Management

At CAPTA Wealth, we specialise in creating custom comprehensive financial plans focused on preserving and growing your wealth for generations to come.

Risk And Estate Planning

Risk management is a critical part of your overall wealth management plan. It protects you, your family and your business in the event of unexpected life occurrences – it can also help you achieve your financial objectives as your life changes. At CAPTA Wealth, we are here to help protect you and your family from all the “what ifs” of life.

Foreign Exchange

In conjunction with our sister company CAPTA Forex, CAPTA Wealth is able to provide clients with intelligent foreign exchange management services to individuals and companies in South Africa and abroad.

We are also one of the few companies with a proven track record and ability to deliver ‘Exotic’ currencies, helping you navigate the most complex of foreign exchange requirements into and out of South Africa.

Offshore And Local Investment Management Solutions

At CAPTA Wealth we have a range of local and offshore investment solutions focused on delivering your investment objectives and financial goals. Being independent also means we are able to design a unique portfolio with exposure to some of the world’s top international fund managers.

Wills Drafting

Planning for your family and the generations to come can be a complex process that involves difficult decisions, both emotional and financial. Our years of experience will help you to work through any issues raised to find the best possible options for you and your family. We work with you to create a fully considered succession plan to ensure your wishes for your legacy are realised.

Tax Advise And Planning

Taxes are an inevitable part of your wealth management plan. Our team of in-house tax specialists are able to offer tax advisory and compliance solutions across all areas of your financial plan including offshore jurisdictions advice and execution.

Retirement Planning

The need to accrue sufficient funds to generate income for your retirement has never been greater. Let us help create a retirement and succession plan that builds toward and protects your future for generations to come.

Trust Services

In South Africa, a Trust still remains one of the most flexible and tax-effective vehicles to assist when setting up and structuring your estate. By having a Trust in place, you can be rest assured to know that your beneficiaries will have access to funds from a deceased estate immediately, rather than having to wait for the unravelling of red tape.

Short-Term Insurance

Although vehicle and household insurance is an extremely important aspect of wealth protection, it is often not adequately assessed
in conjunction with your overall financial plan.

At CAPTA Wealth, we partner with some of South Africa’s leading insurance providers to provide access to a wide range of insurance options at premiums that will deliver the best value.

Getting to know our clients and understanding what is important to them is the cornerstone of what we do which is why throughout our 'wealthcare' journey, we will continue to revise and assess your needs to ensure that your financial plan adapts to your changing circumstances.


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Business Owners

Whether you are a new small business, listed company or entrepreneur, At CAPTA Wealth, we support our corporate clients and its members to develop wealth strategies that focuses on taking care of the needs of the organisation and its people.

Employee Management

Having the right employee benefits schemes and reward structures in place are essential to the success of any business. By offering an employee benefits structure, this enables your employees to build life plans for the future and in turn help take care of their loved ones.

Corporate Cash Management

Managing corporate cash is a big responsibility. To do this efficiently and effectively you need a system that meets your unique organisational needs. Through the relationships we have with some of South Africa's leading retail and institutional banks, we are able to offer companies innovative banking solutions including offshore banking services.

Business Assurance

An efficiently structured Business Assurance plan can be used to ensure the ongoing sustainability of an organisation in the event of death or disability with the least amount of disruption for your business.

Asset Swaps

This is a great option for our clients to externalise funds without physically needing to move their money offshore and giving you and your business the global diversification and foreign currency exposure you might be looking for.

Commercial insurance Solutions

Whether you have a large company or small start-up firm, short-term commercial insurance should form an integral part of protecting your company’s assets and liabilities from any unexpected damages, losses or risks.

Our team of highly skilled in-house short-term commercial specialists are able to asses and assist intermediaries with the most specialised business insurance solutions available in the market.

Short-Term Insurance

Although vehicle and household insurance is an extremely important aspect of wealth protection, it is often not adequately assessed
in conjunction with your overall financial plan.

At CAPTA Wealth, we partner with some of South Africa’s leading insurance providers to provide access to a wide range of insurance options at premiums that will deliver the best value.

Global Offering

Offshore Expertise

South Africa represents less than one percent of the world economy. Restricting yourself to domestic assets means foregoing extensive investment opportunities available in global markets.

Having the ability to investing outside of domestic markets not only allows for diversity across sectors but provides protection against the volatility and risk when it comes to only investing in local markets and funds.

At CAPTA Wealth we offer our clients a wide range of options when it comes to investing in global markets and exposure to some of the world's top international fund managers.

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We offer a range of offshore investment solutions that can be tailored to your unique requirements:
  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Offshore Banking and Lending
  • Offshore Trusts and Company structuring in various jurisdictions
  • Local and Foreign Executions of Securities
  • Structured Product Pricing and Execution
  • International Pension Plans
  • Foreign Direct Investments for South African Companies
  • Various other Portfolio and Asset Management
CAPTA Wealth’s range of offshore capabilities will help you take your wealth further.

Currency Transfer Solutions

Looking for a simple, safe and easy way to transfer money abroad?

As global currency specialists, CAPTA FX has been assisting individuals and businesses with bespoke foreign exchange solutions for over a decade.

Not only are we highly skilled in all major currencies, but we are one of the few forex companies with the ability to deliver ‘Exotic’ currency transfers for our clients to and from every major destination across the globe.

From foreign exchange solutions, currency risk management, tax clearances, emigrations and trade finance, we have become the solution to all your foreign exchange affairs.

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Being completely independent also means we’re not restricted to any specific bank or financial institution. This gives us the ability to leverage off numerous players in the market, securing exchange rates that we guarantee will beat any of the big four retail banks’ rates.

Our 100% digital online onboarding process for private and corporate clients makes sending funds globally that much simpler.

To register via our online portal use the links provided below. Its quick, simple and secure.



For more about the CAPTA Forex service offering, visit our website: www.captafx.co.za

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