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From offshore and local investment management solutions to currency risk management and structured-note product design, we have become the solution for all your global wealth management and investment needs.
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CAPTA Wealth is an independent global wealth management and currency transfer provider based in South Africa.

Over the years, we have streamlined our business to focus on one thing. Your Wealth. From determining your investment time frame to understanding your tolerance for risk, at CAPTA Wealth we partner with you to ensure your investment objectives are achieved with the ultimate goal of growing your wealth.

Our offices around the country and offshore, are poised for wealth creation. Let us focus on yours.
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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy focuses on preserving, growing and protecting the generational wealth of our clients and their families.

When you partner with CAPTA Wealth as our client we will accompany you through each stage of your life, giving purpose to your wealth to ensure you can leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Our Manifesto

There is a joy in focus.

Focus allows you the freedom of being able to channel your energy, direct your attention, and give yourself over to one thing – pursuit. With no distractions. No interruptions… Pursuit of a single purpose and a focus that is streamlined enough to uphold the quality that comes along with it.

We call it Monday, 8am. What are we focused on? The preservation and growth of our clients’ wealth. Simple. This gives us guidance. It gives us autonomy. And it inspires us to master the environments, both locally and internationally, within which we conduct our business.

Our Core Values

In a fast-moving and increasingly complex global economy, our success depends on how faithfully we adhere to our core principles. These principles represent the culture and focus of our team and have been the foundation of our company for the past several decades.

Client Centric

We put our clients and their families at the heart of everything we do.

Trust and Integrity

All that we do, and every service that we provide, is to promote and enhance the confidence that our clients place in us. We value our integrity and trust above everything else.

Family Partnership

We are a family and in turn embrace the core values of a family unit across all touch points of our business.

Operational Excellence

Superior service is the cornerstone of our firm and one of the primary reasons our clients trust us as a valuable partner in managing all their financial affairs.

Enhance Knowledge

The appetite for knowledge and eagerness to learn never ends, which is why we strive to continually develop our expertise in order to deliver superior long-term performance.

Innovative Approach

Where there isn’t a structured product or financial solution that complements your long-term wealth needs, we will create one.

Passion in all that We Do
Operational Excellence

With passion at the heart of everything we do, this inspires us to find unique ways of cultivating long-term growth for our clients. Without passion, success is impossible.

Paying it Forward

Giving back and making a positive difference within our community is ingrained within CAPTA Wealth's culture. With a focus on child and animal welfare, education, and community-based charities, CAPTA Wealth and its subsidiaries hopes to make a difference in the lives of the children, animals and communities it supports.
"Wealth is the product of man's capacity to think."
Ayn Rand

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To schedule a consultation with a Wealth Manager or to learn more about our service offering, contact us at info@captawealth.com.
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CAPTA Wealth (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider. FSP No. 43071.


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Pin Oak House, 2nd Floor, Bally Oaks Office Park
Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston, 2191
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