Stock markets have been very strange this year.

Not only have we witnessed the fastest sell-off in history between February and March, with the S&P 500 falling more than 30%, but we got to enjoy the best recovery ever, reaching an all-time high on August 21.

With this, institutional investors and especially pension funds have gone from panicking to completely reconsidering their long-term asset allocations. What we thought would be the biggest stock market crash in history has led to a fundamental reconsideration of the key risks around financial investments.

For international investors in general, currency risk – above all the weakening of the US dollar – has become the most important financial risk of the year!

And although the dollar may be soft it won't be for long.

The weak dollar: why it won’t be replaced as global reserve currency

The greenback has taken a pounding in 2020, but it's about to make a comeback.

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