The news about Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE’s Covid-19 vaccine has spurred a speculative frenzy in a relatively niche corner of Asia’s stock market.

In South Korea, freezer and cooling circulator maker Daihan Scientific Co. and deep freezer supplier IlShinbiobase Co. rallied further after surging as much as 30% on Tuesday.

Unlike regular vaccines, Pfizer’s messenger RNA-based shot must be stored at an ultra-cool temperature of around -70 degrees celsius (-94 degrees Fahrenheit) to avoid it from going bad. While logistics firms around the world operate cold chains, they run in nothing like those temperatures.

Given the bets the market has already seen in different phases of the pandemic — from makers of ventilators to suppliers of medical gloves — it’s no surprise this new phase is attracting attention.

Image Courtesy of Bloomberg


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